Sunday, December 26, 2010

Snow flake flowers

Happy Holidays !!
I hope you all enjoyed the festive weekend and were able to put your feet up and remember the beautiful & important things in life ! I sure had wayy to much to eat  these past 2 days and will be fasting like a monk in Tibet till New Years !

^^ Came across this -mellowing- track today .. enjoy my darlings 

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Back in track

Home at last! After 6 months I have entered snow paradise!! White & White !

Jet lags' a drag!

Finaly a purpose for my spirit hood!! Wolf, whats your spirit?

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Buenos Noches

More or less my last night in Santa Fe... can't believe 6 months have past this quick... and the fuller my bags are getting and the closer I come to departing the land of the West, the more I think... "what have I learned out here"? Now.. I have to say.. I have lived in the states before wayyy back in the day.. so it's not completly new but yet again.. Can you really compare the east to the west? Cowboys to financial bankers and politicians?? No. Didn't think so... ! I really enjoyed the experience of the "real malboro lifestyle" out here.. cowboy boots, hats, leather, leather and shall I say hide? The people were overall very friendly, laidback and down to earth which is always nice when you come from the city. You remember what is really important.. .. Hard to tell all you fashionistas out there! (Including myself) we and our materialistic things... bought way too much out here... Better start with the mascara now so I can do the minnie mouse move at the check in!! 

I thought I'd put a little list together of what I will miss. and what I won't...

- Stop signs.... (what is their purpose exactly?? Get everyone confused I suppose.. )
- Pot holes in the road... (reallllyy gootta watch out for those)
- Pick up trucks... (not a fan... can't see whats going on ahead...)
- The food... (def. a fan of the margaritas and chips with guacamole... but really.. those big enchiladas melted in cheese and grease for breakfast?!?!?!... no comprende!!)
- No social life whatsoever.... not happy about that one.. what happened to bonfire parties in the desert?!

- SUNSHINE & those never ending blue skies
- The sky in general.. the sunsets are unbelievable here and the night skies look like a big sequenced blanket
- Whole foods <--- Gotta love that place!!!
- Vitamine Water --- now Germany please explain... why do we not have this stuff?
- All the leather everywhere!!!! ( I am the biggest obsesser over anything leather and fur you must know.. so this is heaven!! ) + it's all so unique and handcrafted.. none of this mass production nonsense!
- All the art that you are exposed to here... so many free spirited people doing what they love!
- Coyotes... those howls in the night are quite something...
- Turquoise jewelery... so much of it.. but soo expensive too!!
- Vintage shops... not like here in Germany... so disappointing! Which is a great excuse for why I had to grab as much as I could...

^^now that is just a bit of it all... don't wanna bore you too much here! I'll probably miss it so much once I'm back in 'graytown' ... but for now I seriously cannot wait to jump on that plane and see all my buds back home!! & My CLOSET!!!!!!!!!!! My dears! GET READY for what is bound to be unleashed!!!!!

Hugs and smooches from the West.. I'll be seeing you on the other side!

Hasta Luego

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Life from above

Don't you just wish sometimes that you could float above it all? View it like you had wings.. Well I recently got a chance to do just that... okay... fine...almost...
It was an absolute gorgeous early morning and this is what I saw.. the colors were just stunning ..

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Red.. White...& Black

My Lovelies!!!
Happy December shopping to all of you!!!
Can't believe it's that time of the year again!! Even though  there has been no sign of christmas spirit here... (the blue skies seem to have thrown their anchor out over Santa Fe.. ) I did attempt some Christmas shopping today... Which ended up in more buys for myself rather then my loved ones.... SO BAD!! Santa won't be happy! But at least I'll look um --> Pretty below the tree?! Plus what are you going to do when they tell you that the Boot sale is only on one more day... & the pleating on the skirt cast a spell before you could grab for a shield! .... sigh by the sound of the "brriinngg" at the register. Obviously!

Let us begin with the presentation !

Drums..... Welcome red boots and cardigan!


Sunday, November 21, 2010

I happen to be homeward bound

Hey Ya'll!
Beautiful weather all around!
Blue skies, yellow leaves
& English Cornation tea <-- my new favorite tea!
Books which I haven't quite figured out how I will transport back
to my hometown

23 more days!
..............Happy as a bean