Monday, February 7, 2011

Cape & Crazies

Finally taken some pictures!!! Wow! It is so much easier when having a little bud taking them rather then.. you and that lovely tripod of yours with that 'super nice' remote... Running around like pizza delivery on a friday night! SO much more fun like this as well... !

Got this little treasure of a cape back in Wellington, New Zealand about 2 yrs. ago... while I was backpacking around NZ, AUS and Thailand. That thing was a must!!! No none exisiting space in my backpack which was full of 'necessities' was going to stop me from integrating it to the family! It survived as well ! No smoothie spills, neon colors from the full moon party, crazy thai bugs or sand from the nights spent sleeping at the beach (not so much fun as one might think) attacked him!! He looked great in all the hostel rooms, hanging (on the only hanger I spent time with on this trip) in full pride! (Reversable as well) Isn't he lovely??