Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Half Moon Run

Dear Half Moon Run,

having just come across your talents on one of those 'new music hunts' that happen every now and then when the season of day allows it.  I am beyond audio stimulation !!  Man o Man . You nailed it with your newest album Dark Eyes!  ... This album brings you straight into that guitar strung carousel seat. Riding through all highs and lows. Soft, hard.

Swaying, back and forth, I cannot declare anything but . Absolutely AmaZing !! 

These guys from Montreal are so real and clear in their sound and lyrics that anything except huge success would be a lie told by jelous folks who know nothing about good music ! 

Signed with Glassnote Records who support Artists such as Phoenix, Two Door Cinema Club, The Temper Trap and Mumford & Sons (to name a few...), all we can do is wish these guys an awesome trip on their amazing musical journey! 

Now enjoy.