Overall- Free spirited, very open minded aesthetic lover in her mid 20s who has spent the last couple of years: globe trotting, working as a PA for a designer and assistant in an advertising agency and is currently studying fashion design in Berlin.

Country of Origin: Germany

By day.
If not working or doing those daily human things called errands….. In my bed or studio with my lap top. (I spend way too many hours with this one very loyal companion)
Cute cafes, nothing big or fancy just good quality with definition to detail and I am a happy customer : )

Listening to music… always

By moon shine.
 ….. night owl for sure; good music, happy crowd and good vibes are always a + bonus and very often needed in our 'oh so busy' lives to just let loose and drown out those 'daily worries'

People watcher- could do that all day! I find fascination in the smallest of things and am often caught floating on a very different cloud.

Love animals probably more then humans…. They touch a very sensitive spot in my heart 

I place very high value on originality, thinking outside of the box, out of the norm and being genuine in what you do.

International bug traveling the globe one city at a time. I don’t think I find more fun and richness then in traveling and experiencing new cultures, places and ideas.  

Quality over quantity - any day whatever the time !!

In oneself. Spirit. The power of thought and attracting that of which you put out à Karma. & Nature herself of course .

Anything that sits comfortably is always a plus for me. I prefer flow-y rather than stick-y. I need to breath and move freely to feel comfortable. Inspired by anything unique. One of a kind gets my blood really flowing and if it's vintage I’m probably already paying at the register Love layers, oversized sweaters, boots- can’t get enough of them! Generally flats over heels…  & accessories, the power they have should never be underestimated ! &Hats- really love em' 

Anything that has rhythm and isn’t necessarily mainstream ! But mostly I enjoy the electronic scene
Always dependent on mood and setting but reggae, indie, hip hop, blues, and folk are genres that also just always seem to get me fuzzy ! 

My message to others:
Believe in yourself and others will too. Don’t be afraid of your own voice and demanding that of what you think life should give.  Be original, a black sheep if you must, just don’t go under in the crowd ! 

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