Monday, December 31, 2012

Roo Panes

Roo Panes started playing the guitar & writing music at the early age of 13 . Based in London his path to discovery began as he came across Burberry Acoustic videos, a project where chief creative officer Christopher Bailey handpicks emerging artists and records them performing their music which then gets posted on the Burberry website, and so with this he sent the Burberry team his material...  (sometimes that’s all it takes ; )  and as he states "it went on from there" ...
Roo whose approach to music just seems to prove how fine folk music sounds at its best... with the few components of some guitar, poetic lyrics and an amazing deep voice - which need I say, can move, set moods AND make the heart skip one or two beats at the LEAST... here and there….
His music allows your thoughts to flow deep… and sometimes that is just what you need : )
 Especially towards the end of the year, when you think about the past and look towards the future… a reminder to think about tomorrow while being aware of the here, for it will NOW belong in the past…

What would you like to take with you ? From the past into the future. What experience do you choose to let yourself grow from ? 

Happy New Year everyone !

2012 has been great.... but... 2013 is ready to be mounted on top  ; )

I the lonely captive stand with only memories to hold my hand,
But I'd not change a single thing twas the best and worst of time,
Beneath the yellow clouded moon,
Where buried hopes rise from their tombs,
The whispers call to heaven above,
That you caught me up in the windy arms of love. 

- Once, Roo Panes


Tuesday, December 11, 2012

So literally this song is - just fuck my life - amazing ! I don't know what other words to use then to drop the f bomb - on repeat !!! Yikey__ooza !
This 23 year old lady from Denmark is a one woman show that just seams to scream passion with her electronic soul music  _ real soul- a- licious sound !

 I see this youthful spirit moving way beyond the city walls of Copenhagen !

Elliphant Mystery

From the management that has delivered us Niki & the Dove comes Elliphant - a Swedish musician, female I may add, which sums up just about all the information that is out about her... ::quite the giant elephant in the room.... :: so while we wait for January 7th (supposedly the date where the full album is to be released) lets enjoy this artsy video of hot swedish girls, mounted on horses on the nordic beaches, while icy waves crash.

Check this girl with edge out on -