Wednesday, November 23, 2011

11 + 11 = 22

- L o v e - 

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Thursday, November 17, 2011

I' ll have a glass

This little reptile has been a favorite of mine for a while now-
 fell in love with her songs Twice and Blinking Pigs. 
Above one of her newest tracks 

Blood Orange a new project taken upon by the true artist Dev Hynes who just so happens to have synesthesia - a condition which links 2 senses together allowing this fellow to see sounds in colors - jealous much ? 
"He describes his experience as viewing moving pictures, with tone, pitch, instrument, the spoken voice, and volume all having their own separate color qualities."

others to check out from this genius - I'm sorry we lied 

A song full of a good dynamic and vocal placement that is very much in alignment to its soft, smoothly transitioned, melody 
which could be played in a club just as much as at home chilling out 

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Monday, November 7, 2011

Hollywood Glamour this ! Introducing Lana Del Rey

This song promptly became one of those tracks that I hear and instantaneously turn the volume nob to the right . I love her determined, confident, raw voice and how it corresponds so well with the lyrics and image she has taken upon herself. Hollywood glamour.. how much fun ?

Unfortunately with her new acclaimed fame, she has also found herself in hot controversial debates questioning her authenticity.

As this is not her first go to jump through the, glamorous, wild, famed, on -fireA- hulla- hoop  . . .

              oh my....

Yes, she had an attempt before dating back to 2009 which failed and got her record shelved. But let me ask this ? What happened to second chances ? And how many artists are there really that had a first go, only to fail as they discovered that the masses (which eventually get you those nominations at the Grammys) only enjoy the whole package including all its dirt and tragic trailer park stories...? Before they find their "true" come back and chance to jump once again ?  Do your homework folks ! I find her songs to be good and I may not understand a lot about the technical aspects of music but usually my ears don't deceive me !!
Music goes deep in the bones, shouldn't have any boundaries and should in matter be all about the positive vibes received on the other end .

^no idea where this spontaneous critical side of me came from.. usually I don't really care what critics write because everybody is going to have their own mustard to give.  & there shall always be differing opinions .... but.... the arguments presented in this case, to me, just seemed a bit pathetic - bearing only one motive - to destroy something before it even stands. If she is so fake than let karma haunt her down... because we all know it will eventually ! Until then.. just enjoy !