Thursday, September 23, 2010

What would they say if the honking stopped?

New York: literally the city of wonders and maybe even miracles? 4 days of surprises awaiting me around every corner, every reflection on every sky scraper. The streets are filled with distinct personalities.. everyone has a place, a way.. even if thats everything but the truth. Everything fits, even the little run down house that is hugged by its two neighbouring sky scrapers. The yellow cabs, the limos, the blacks, the whites, the brick, the glass, the tall, the small, red light, green light, chinatown, little italy, fire escape, never ending elevator rides,bright lights, dark alleys, plastic bags, central park. New York has it all and I love you!

I spent most of my time in Soho and East Village. I loved Soho and its small cute streets.. the small cafes and the little boutiques gave me a slight sense of Europe which made me feel right at home. One stylish creature after the other, one new it bag with the matching grunge boot and hat... It all just made me melt in my glowing green boots (i'll be sure to share them with you in the near future). The shopping was great as it was so different then the usual.. and I ended up getting my long craved Alexander Wang Brenda Zipped Bag!!! Yoohoo!! As well as a Tattoo which I had been planning to do for the past 4 years..::Check:: Took way to many pictures as usual which my hard drive most likely is still complaining about..and gin tonics can be crossed of the list for the next month! I miss it already even though the time there definately pushed the exhaust pedal towards the end... but no worries...

New York... I WILL be back!

P.S. Did anyone else who has been, get the feeling that sometimes you'd leave a resteraunt/bar at night and think its already morning when you reach the door because it looks soo bright outside?? Only to get the relief that no.. you haven't pulled an all nighter just yet..its just the big sign above.. PHewuiii


  1. Lovely post and great pics!

  2. nice pics!


  3. New York sounds amazing, I can't wait to go next year!