Tuesday, November 2, 2010


So I got this Vest last weekend.. Immediatly caught my attention and I knew we would be friends very quickly. I saved it from its hidious rack neighbour this sequenced thingy majiggy, for which it will forever be greatful...and therefore keep me warm for the next couple of months.. (Shouldn't have any problems with that). What do you think of its sheep like look?
It has gotten "compliments" as far as shaggy dog to shaggy carpet.. not sure how I should feel about these regards..

Btw. Jackson thought he would help out with these snaps.



  1. What an amazing find and I love how you styled it xoxo

  2. Great pics! Love this whole outfit!

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  4. i really really love this look! it is perfect! and that vest is sooo yummy! great look grrl!

  5. I love this vest! i think you wear it really well too. Probably would not look good on me, though. Anything with extra volume swallows me. :-/ Really well styled too. Very funky. - Allison