Sunday, January 16, 2011

Psychedelic Phanomenon

Hello my flower loves,

So sorry I have been so MIA lately !!! Been taking a break from 'taking a break'.. if you get my drift? Been so crazy...--> culture shock, setteling back into the 'old life' (is it ever really old?), the holidays, seeing the buds and finding that 'new challenge' for the near future !! I'm not sure why.. but I happen to believe that the year 2011 is going to have some exciting things in store... a new path for me, myself and I ...perhaps? I'll keep you posted... haha.
        here are some back in the day album covers,posters and art... I love how back then they combined music and art so vigorously ! Now it's more about the 'sex sells'...and back then it seems to have been so much deeper .. orrr maybe todays style is just a new form of art... (and I just appreciate the old more)..
People lived for those albums, their covers & its art!

Enjoy & happy new beginings to all !!!

Inspired by my newly purchased coat...with its ravishing 60s cut.. which will surely be presented in the up & coming outfit shots ! LOVE


  1. haha yes!! This is great.If you Google "acid painting" you'll see lots of goodies that remind me of these.

  2. Cool post!

    editors of POP DISORDER,
    Igor and Margaryta

  3. LOVELOVELOVE! Great post.

  4. Love these kind of posters! Neat blog!


  5. SO very cool! this art was so different and dynamic. You need some PETER MAX images though.

    The Max Collector