Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Munich Fabric Start

Just spent the past 2 days at the Munich Fabric Start . Besides trying to avoid all the lovely sweets & treats spread out on 'oh so presentable platters' (the italians nearly had a buffetts..i'm just going so say Serano ham and parmesan everywhere..)  ... ju-hh-st easily enough to reach while viewing all the amazzzing fabrics, buttons, feathers, just about anything that makes up that special piece .. the small tiny things you happen to oversee now and then... but happen to play a very justified role in every garment ... yup those.... everywhere !!
Since we weren't really allowed to take pictures... yes sneaky me... these are just a few impressions of things that were showcased...

    ^One of my favorites

    I love how these showcases almost look like paintings themselves...

    ^Some new trend colors presented..

                                                 More colors..

                             ^ Get ready for more nylon.... we obviously haven't seen nothing yet..

                                       One ridiculously amazing jacket !

         .... Guys... the new trend of the season....... presented by my lovely work collegue Nicky !!

Haha.. and below... 1st day we had outfits to kill... 2nd day... comfort went first ... for sure !


                                                                              Moi !


  1. great post, great event like this!!!!!

  2. Looks like it was a great event! Love that blue feather skirt!

    -Laura x

  3. Hey I just found you through your comment on Oracle Fox and now I am following you everywhere! Ha :)
    Enjoying your blog and this event looks AWESOME!! :) xx

  4. the leather fringed jacket is awesome! x