Thursday, October 20, 2011

Istanbul ' ia

Walking Zombie... is what we and with 'we' I mean me, myself and that really tired one over there... would describe the last week...or...... 2 ? I think the "bear cave syndrom" is slowly creeping in... yes it comes every year.. SURPRISE... and creates this little voice in my head that keeps suggesting to just throw everything and go find a comfy cave with lots of fur blankets and mango trees to reside in for the next what, half a year ?
But before I go do that... let me tell you or rather show you... my recent excursion to the city of Istanbul .

The best word to describe would probably be .. busy.... the city's population... 16-20 million... they can't really say...i think that says everything.... including 2 million internationals... So yes.. stick your forks in the fondue pot! They got it all !
Between street cats, the craziest traffic I have experienced to date... new yorkers- feel laughed at !  Meats roasting everywhere, harmonizing architecture fitting every mood of - pick your city-! burkas, craZy chanting (or rather to much - to early chanting), cashmere scarves swaying in all directions, and turkish coffee, I found myself exploring one of the oldest cities in Europe.

Here's the peek 

 Sketchiest vintage store I've ever been to... you were basically shopping in the dark.. is that a chucky doll on the right ..? 

 Crazy Bazaar 
 Note to oneself.. dishes will be shopped in Istanbul . period. 

Did I mention their tiling and pattern skills ? Probably one of my favorites and most inspiring to me personally ! I'll be sure to post some of them in the future... 


  1. Oh wow Istanbul! I love Turkey - this is definitly a place on my list 'to see'

    Eda ♥

  2. This is so so beautiful!! I'm in love with those lamps and patterns! and secretly hoping no one ever shops in the chucky op shop so that I can go there one day and find some amazing treasures! XXX

  3. Hi! I wonder if you can give me the name of that beautiful vintage store? Thank you! xx