Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Wynter Gordon

Passion at its peak.

 Just came across this new sensation Wynter Gordon, quite the little lady from New York who attained her first big success with her debut Sugar, with FloRida. Now I'm not the usual radio listener and I certainly have never heard her song with FloRida, but one thing is for sure.... her latest releases from a 4 part Album, Human Condition, such as Reach Out, Tomorrow feat. Salmon Faye and Nervous feat. Travis Scott (to name a few) have that special umph, which leave me no other choice but to post...... And even though her songs are on the verge of quickly being thrown into that mainstream bucket especially her earlier songs.. I feel there is more substance to her new album and thereby we'll give her the benefit of the doubt! What do you think ?

If you are into indie, hip hop and music with edge and some attitude... I'm sure you'll enjoy !


Wynter Gordon, New York Fashion Week /her: Instagram
^^girl got style too 

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