Sunday, August 22, 2010

Coyotes howl by the moon as the wise one speaks

Hello my little rays of sunshine!
Indian Market has officially begun!! Something i've been looking forward to for quite some time now! It was so inspiring seeing all these unique handcrafted pieces of native american art.. One massive junction of jewelry, paintings, photography, carpets and pottery! Was amazed by the old native american women, they all looked so increadibly wise and chilled out like they were ready to tell you the secrets of the universe by a big bonfire with the moon shining on our fair souls.
I wondered from stand to stand searching for that one special piece that I would not be able to rest without. Having walked in circles by the main plaza I ended up walking down a street, taking a left which lead me to standing under/between what seemed like 100s of chillis. Had I walked straight into Mexico? The flair was a bit different from white tent after white tent and I felt a bit of historic magic. Fortunatly I found that special piece right then and there. Ironically enough it wasn't native american at all.. but love is love, no matter what heritage... riight? A beautiful red stoned ring, entwined by gold... which eventually was paired with a exceptionally shaped,golden bracelet -> Rectangle. Which made me "ooee" even more when compared to the normal circular bracelets. Gotta love contrasts! (Both designed by ) Mmhh Mhhhmm..

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