Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wish upon a shooting star

Just got back from Sedona, Arizona and the Grand both beautiful droplets on this planet.. just shows, once again how magnificent nature and its creations are. Learned a lot about the Vortex (magnetic fields of energy) and had a rather spiritual experience.. Even though the "Lavender Dreams Wrap' I had planned at the Hotel Spa didnt quite work planned.. (Almost strangled the wayyy to relaxed Spa Receptionist)! I recently received my Canon RC-6 wireless remote control.. Gotta start taking pictures here!! And so im fiddeling around with that...kid in a candy store.. takings shots of myself.. huii.. had I only known it would be so hard to get a good picture of yourself, posing.. without looking like an absolute wannabe! I guess we'll see how this relationship develops!

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