Thursday, November 29, 2012

Paper Tiger

Hello! So first in order:  I know that I haven't really been posting much attire.. but that is all about to change with the New Year, and no this is not just one of those - yeah, yeah, New Years resolution, bring it in the shed of never happened by the end of february.... But lights please... it's moving right next to - s p o t l i g h t !

Yet for now... in sake of old traditions...lets keep it by the tunes...

"Paper Tiger is the meeting of two alter-egos who relish in the space where inhibitions die and art is made.  They are inspired by sounds, instruments, vinyl records and ideas that otherwise may never connect.  Beautiful Asheville NC, is their home.  They love the city, they love nature, they draw inspiration from both.  They recycle.  This is a short version of their story." - Their Page 

I think that small introduction alone should persuade anyone to have a listen... only to realize that these guys are pure genius !

Hippy, jazzy, trippy, super spice & chilled tunes is how I would describe these fine- tuned works, done by true masters!

Ready to take you on another journey ...



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