Thursday, October 14, 2010

Consumption overload

Midterms this week is all I can say! My birthday was last week so that was nice - went a bit overboard with carrot cake and online shopping... UPS man must truly be thinking 'wtf'... who is this person.. everyday a new package!! Beautiful..! But now is back to being modest about my buys... ahhaa... I'll believe it myself when it happens.. and I'll be sure to let you know... --> Never! When I lay eyes on that special piece.. it has to be mine.. Especially if it's vintage that you know you're never going to find again..& if for whatever pricey reason I cannot have it... it usually haunts me for quite a while.. It's like this curse because when the sightings occured..Mind outfits start popping up in my head that just bring the utter most visual- waiting -to -happen orgasm!  (Yikes)That can only be treated with one thing.. consumption.......or there is of course the option of the temporary pain relief..(i still like number 1 more) find something else.. but unfortunately that usually just helps for a tiny bit.. Pity..

 Below: Some summer snippets...

 Zozobra - man of gloom burning

                                                   Getting out of the car- very classy


Baby Jackson & Bone