Monday, October 4, 2010

Time for some la musica

So I think it's time for me to share with you... some of my favorite songs at the moment and in general..

As you should all I know.. I LOVE music. Couldn't live with out it hence to say my Ipod.. I get most of my music from a ton of research.. Not a big fan of the mainstream radio stuff.. Especially there is nothing more annoying then a radio station repeating the songs they play.. Like seriously? There are SOO many songs.. why play the same song over and over again.. and thereby totally kill it?!?! Just something that escapes my understanding every single time it happens.. Anywho.. so overall I'm a music junkie.. I hear a song I like and i'll write down any information that could help me find out the title and artist so I can add it to my itunes collection.. including the lyrics, time its played and radio station.. Detective at work + it gives me reason to use my blackberry memopad!

Mexican Institute of Sound- A Girl Like You
The New Young Pony Club- Oh Cherie and The Get Go
Sia- My Love
Angus and Julia Stone- Yellow Brick Road (and anything else from them!!)
Bon Iver- Skinny Love
Broken Bells- The Ghost Inside
Florence + The Machine- Hardest of Hearts
The Cure- Prayers for Rain
Trespassers William- Matching Weight
Notorious B.I.G feat. Frank Sinatra - Everyday Struggle
Ellie Goulding- Guns and Horses
The Lost Boyz- Renee
Rappin 4 tay- Players Club
Ther Herbaliser- Mission Improbable
Greg Laswell- Sing Theresa
The Hood Internet- Dr. Dre
Fujiya & Miyagi - Collarbone
Marek Hemmann- Left
Jin Choi- Close to the heat

So these are a few.. I'm sure there will be plenty more to come!!

Also some photos of the Balloon Festival... Getting up at 4 was totally worth it!!!


  1. Great pictures. I really want to fly in an airballoon someday.


  2. Wow super pictures!!!)))
    cool blog)))

  3. Stunning pictures!